Using the humanities to turn strangers into neighbors A Project funded by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council

Letter to the Residents

Dear West Scranton Neighbor,

You may have heard that The Scranton Area Neighborhood Park Collaborative was the only state-wide recipient of Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC) Civic Engagement Grant. This planning grant aims to engage West Scranton residents using neighborhood parks as host sites for public events and humanities programming (theatre, music, literature, culture). This is exciting for our community in many ways.

The 2015 calendar of events is easily accessible here, and can keep you informed about all of the exciting things going on at the parks. Events are FREE and open to all neighbors.

The Scranton Area Neighborhood Park Collaborative wants to involve you and your neighbors in programs that have special meaning to you. All West Scranton residents have the opportunity to think about and give input into what you want your neighborhood and its parks to become. Through our programs, we continue to seek out your interest and visions for your community. We anticipate more programs being added to the calendar as our resources grow

In September, two public meetings were conducted, one at Fellows Park the second at Jackson Street Skate Park. The information gathered from the neighbors provided the Scranton Area Neighborhood Park Collaborative ideas for consideration of physical park design and humanities program planning. We hope that you will become involved as this exciting initiative develops.

We look forward to working together!

The Scranton Area Neighborhood Park Collaborative